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The Amalfi story is one of artisan craftsmen dedicated to a by-gone era when it meant something to be a “Master Craftsman” and that if it were worth making and owning, it should be an heirloom. Since our founding in 1955 by John Good, a Beverly Hills antique dealer who fell in love with the timeless design of ancient Etruscan pieces during his travels in Italy, we have been true to that heirloom dedication. Through the 1950s and 1960s, we imported all of our furniture from Italy. By the 1970s, our local craftsman’s work mirrored that of their European counterparts and we began making the furniture in America. Many of our craftsmen are now second generation Amalfi Master Craftsmen, still making each unique heirloom by hand, one at a time and not finished until the artisan is satisfied.

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