Brown Jordan Luxury Outdoor Furniture


Since 1945, Brown Jordan has been at the forefront of design, innovation and passion for outdoor furniture in the outdoor casual living industry. Starting right here in Pasadena, CA, Brown Jordan truly represents the outdoor California lifestyle. They were the first company to create furniture for full-time outdoor use right here in Southern California.

Today, Brown Jordan furniture can be recognized around the world providing causal furnishings to residential, hospitality or corporate clients.

Brown Jordan Collections

Brown Jordan’s dedication to outdoor casual living can be seen in the diversity and quality of their outdoor furniture collections. Their patio furniture is comprised of over 30 collections with a wide range of styles and materials.

1) The Aluminum Collection

The Aluminum collection is the largest collection made by Brown Jordan.

The Aluminum collections outdoor furniture is durable enough to stand up to the harshest elements but also is lightweight enough to move the set around any outdoor space easily.

Brown Jordan Patio Furniture

Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture

Featured Aluminum Collections by Brown Jordan

  1. Aegean– Mediterranean style combined with contemporary seating design.
  2. Biarritz– Inspired by European modernist furniture and designed by Micheal Berman.
  3. Coast– Sleek contour integrates straight lines with unique slopes and curves.
  4. Florentine– Inspired by Roman Empire architectural style and 20th century technology.
  5. Parkway– Inspired by the golden era of modernism.
  6. Quantum– A contemporary classic and a leader in the world of casual outdoor furniture.
  7. Savannah– Brings all the romance and graciousness of southern living to outdoor casual living.

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2) Cast

The Cast collections by Brown Jordan are made from cast aluminum, resulting in many different intricate styles and designs.

The Cast collection is also considerably less weight then other outdoor furniture iron collections making it easier to move about your backyard.

Brown Jordan Patio Furniture

Featured Cast Collections by Brown Jordan

  1. Calcutta II– Featuring cast bamboo patterns all over the collection.
  2. Elegance– Inspired by 18th century French furniture design.
  3. Flight Sling/Woven– Characterized by its simplicity and sophistication.

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3) Woven

Perfect for the California climate, Brown Jordan’s woven furniture collections do an exceptional job holding up against the elements.

Brown Jordan woven furniture is made of durable and weather-resistant, extruded polyethylene resinweave that has been woven over powder-coated aluminum frames.

Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture 

Featured Woven Collections by Brown Jordan

  1. Del Mar– Classic contemporary style and new to the Brown Jordan collections.
  2. Fusion– This modern feel blends the cultural elements of European materials, American design and Asian craftsmanship.
  3. Southampton– Inspired by the famous seaside colony known as “The Hamptons.”

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4) Wood

The Wood collections by Brown Jordan brings a unique style and feel to any outdoor space.

The Coloma collection seen below can be folded up and taken to the park, beach or put away out of sight, making this Brown Jordan outdoor furniture set mobile!

Brown Jordan Wood Furniture

Featured Wood Collections by Brown Jordan

  1. Coloma– A perfect bistro set for the garden or a lunch for two.
  2. Drift– New teak collection inspires the desire to slow down.

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What did you learn?

  1. Brown Jordan was the first company to make outdoor furniture for full-time outdoor use.
  2. Brown Jordan specializes in the quality, design and innovation of luxury outdoor furniture.
  3. With over 30 outdoor furniture collections, Brown Jordan has something to fit your style and backyard.


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