Fornetto Wood Fired Oven & Smoker

With features you’d expect to see on indoor oven, the Fornetto range raises the bar on wood fired cooking and cooking outdoors. Featuring solid cast iron doors, stainless steel oven interiors and separate fir chamber, the Fornetto ovens offer a safe and easy way of creating authentic pizzas, amazing roast meats, baked breads, pasta and deserts or smoking an endless variety of food in your own backyard on patio.

Large Capacity Oven

With its 16.5 gallon / 61.2 liter oven capacity, the oven chamber is big enough for the family roast. The adjustable shelf system holds three fire bricks and a pizza stone. The oven offers versatility, flexibility and multi-layer cooking.

Cooltouch Phenolic Controls

These ventilation knobs facilitate fine heat adjustment by regulating the air delivery to the chamber. This unique feature helps maintain the control of the oven’s temperature.

Chimney Valve

Adjust the chimney damper control when starting up the wood fire. Turn the valve slightly to partially close damper and keep wood chip smoke flavors in the oven chamber.

Removable Smoker Box

When choosing to smoke foods, add flavored wood chips to the smoker box and place the box on the inside of the heat chamber. Open the smoker slide to allow smoke to enter the oven, adding delicious flavor layers to food naturally.

Energy Efficient

Spacious stainless steel oven with ceramic bricks and pizza stone supports maximum heat retention. Insulated oven and heat chamber doors of durable insulated construction maximize energy efficiency

Spacious Fire Chamber

The fire chamber quickly heats the oven so food preparation may begin quickly and easily.

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