A Vegan BBQ: 10 Helpful Vegan Grilling Tips & Recipes

Looking to create delicious vegan friendly meals on the grill? 

If you thought that vegan grilling had limited options, think again.  We gathered an amazing list of both tips and recipes to get you thinking vegan next time you see the grill.

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Here are some tips and recipes that will help make the perfect vegan BBQ.


Tip #1  |  Veggies Are A Great Place To Start

A safe and easy place to start grilling vegan is with vegetables.  They are by definition a part of every vegan’s diet and have a low degree of grilling difficulty.  Below are links to articles that can offer some help to get some vegetables on the grill.

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Tip #2  |  Add Fruit To The Fire

Like veggies, fruit is another can’t miss option for a vegan BBQ menu.  Although they are not as typical to find on the grill as vegetables, grilled fruit adds a hotter take on some of the typical BBQ favorites like watermelon and pineapple.  Below are links to articles that can help add some fruit to the fire.

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Tip #3  |  Grease Up Your Food

Preparing vegan dishes is somewhat different than preparing typical meat products.  The juices and grease found in meat helps prevent food from sticking to the grill grate.  These same juices and grease are not present in most vegan dishes.  Therefore, oiling vegan dishes prior to grilling them is necessary in order to keep food from sticking.  There is a bit of debate among grill masters if oiling the grill grates is a good practice.  What everyone agrees on is that it is very dangerous to oil hot grill grates so please always keep that in mind.  Below are links to articles that can help grease up your food.

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Tip #4  |  Remember To Marinate

No matter what vegan dish you are creating, make sure you consider adding a marinade before placing it on the grill.  Many vegetables and meat substitutes can benefit greatly from a homemade marinade.  Below are links to articles that can help get your dishes the marinade they deserve.

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Tip #5  |  Prepare For Pizza

Pizza is a great option if you want to grill for both vegan’s and meat eaters because the dough will prevent any cross-contamination on the grill.  Not to mention there are so many creative possibilities when you consider grilling pizza.  Below are links to articles that will help you get some dough on the grill.

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Tip #6  |  Keep It Simple

Vegan grilling may be unfamiliar territory, if it is, remember not to be intimidated.  Great vegan grilling does not have to have the same level of detail that other meat dishes might have.  Keeping it simple can go a long way.  Experiment at your own pace, get creative as you feel, and have fun!  Below are links to articles that can help offer some inspiration to your vegan menu.

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Tip #7  |  Get Creative With Tacos & Sliders

Tacos and sliders both offer a lot of room for creativity for vegan grillers.  There are any number of ingredients that can go into either a taco or a slider that can be both unique and delicious.  Be sure to pay close attention when choosing a sauce as it is a crucial element into any taco or slider.  Below are links to articles that can help you get creative with tacos and sliders.

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Tip #8  |  Have A Clean Grill

This tip is perhaps more crucial if meat has been cooked on the grill in the past.  As those with dietary restrictions do not know what exactly has been cooked on the grill, it is customary to have cleaned the grill prior to preparing a vegan friendly meal for other vegans.  Below are links to more articles that can help with cleaning your grill.

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Tip #9  |  Be Mindful of What You Want to Grill

Although they may sound like they belong on a grill, not all vegan products do.  Be sure to read the packaging of any vegan products you intend to cook with a grill.  Some of these products are not meant to be grilled and might leave you with an inedible mess to clean up.  Below are links to articles that can give you some ideas on what to cook.

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Tip #10  |  Dress to Impress

A great way to set any dish apart when it comes off the grill is to dress it with a drizzle of sauce or a garnish.  A garnish can be something as simple as orange slices, pear slices, nuts, or breadcrumbs.  Dressing a dish adds a personal touch and is the last opportunity to add a unique and creative spin.  Below are links that will help you dress your dishes.

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