Refresh Outdoor Furniture Cushions or Fabric Replacement

Revive Your Outdoor Furniture: The Ultimate Guide to Refreshing Your High-End Patio Furniture


Have you ever looked at your outdoor furniture and thought it could use a refresh? Maybe your cushions are fading, or the teak wood dining table is starting to crack or grey? Even aluminum or wrought iron metal frames sometimes rust in harsh weather.

If that’s the case, then you’ll be glad to know that Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center offers full outdoor refinish services to refresh your quality outdoor furniture and make it look new again!

Custom Outdoor Living Maintenance and Refresh from Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center


What types of outdoor furniture frames can be refinished?

  • Wood
    • high-grade teak (A, B or C)
    • ipe
    • hard (ex. oak)
  • Metal
    • high-grade aluminum
      • cast aluminum
      • wrought aluminum
    • high-grade iron
      • cast iron
      • wrought iron


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Furniture Refinishing or Re-Powder Coating

If you have high quality outdoor furniture that is made of Teak or ipe (hard) wood, Wrought iron or Aluminum metal frames, it can last for many years with proper maintenance. However, even with the best care, over time it may start to show signs of wear and tear. At Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center, we are experts at taking old furniture and making it look like new!


Wood Furniture Refinish

If you have diamond in the rough wood outdoor furniture, it’s important to know that refinishing requires more than just slapping on a new coat of paint. Outdoor Elegance Patio Design’s process involves several steps to ensure that your wood furniture will look great and hold its quality for years to come.

Top 5 Ways to Protect Your High-End Wood Outdoor Furniture

  • Clean regularly with soap and water to remove dust, dirt or grime
  • Ensure the wood is sealed with a protective finish layer
  • When not in use, cover furniture with protective all weather cover


First, the furniture wood frame is thoroughly high pressure washed and sanded to remove any existing finish and create new fresh grains on the surface of the wood. This vital step ensures that the new finish and weather protector will adhere properly. Applying a wood finish help protect the wood from moisture that will crack or split in colder weather.

Wood Furniture Refinishing at Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center


Next, any cracks or imperfections are filled or sanded smooth. This step ensures that the final finish will be even and look like new.

Then, the furniture is stained or painted with all weather outdoor finish that is designed to withstand the elements. Outdoor Elegance’s experienced furniture repair experts will ensure that the finish is applied evenly and looks beautiful.

Wood refinish at Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center

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Metal Frame Refinish

If your outdoor furniture is made of high quality Wrought Iron or Aluminum Metal, consider refinishing before you throw it out. Metal is just as susceptible to weathering as wood, and can develop rust over time, especially near coastal or salt exposed areas.

Frame Refinishing at Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center


Outdoor Elegance’s metal refinishing process involves removing the rust, sanding the metal to a smooth finish, and then applying a new double power coat of paint to finish. The result is a beautiful frame finish for your outdoor furniture that looks like new.


Cushion Replacement Services

In addition to furniture frame refinishing services, our most popular  cushion replacement services. Over time, outdoor furniture cushions can become faded, stained, or worn out. Rather than replacing the entire piece of furniture, you can simply replace the cushions and give it a whole new look.

Refresh Outdoor Furniture Cushions or Fabric Replacement

Top 5 Things To Remember When Replacing Outdoor Furniture Cushions

  • Measure the dimensions correctly for your replacement cushion(s)
  • Choose the right fabric or material for usage and climate
  • Decide which cushion density fits your comfort level
  • Choose from thousands of color or design fabrics


Outdoor Elegance offers a HUGE variety of custom and stock cushion fabrics to choose from in-store , so you can be sure to find the perfect match for your home style and taste. With over 60+ years of experience, our outdoor design team can help you choose the perfect high performance fabric, and then custom-make cushions to fit your furniture perfectly.

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Sometimes, refreshing your outdoor living space can be as simple as new cushions for your outdoor furniture and some new decor! At Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center we pride ourselves in being your one-stop-shop for refreshing or refinishing your outdoor furniture or favorite outdoor living space. With services like furniture refinishing and cushion replacement, you can make your outdoor space look like new again. Whether you have wooden or metal furniture, their experienced staff can ensure that it will look beautiful and last for years to come.

So, if you’re ready to give your outdoor living space a refresh, give us a call or stop by Outdoor Elegance Patio Design Center in La Verne. Then get ready to entertain family and friends year round at your home!