Elegant Outdoor Furniture By Jensen Leisure

Elegant Outdoor Furniture By Jensen Leisure

Thoughtful Design & Solid Craftsmanship

Jensen truly does an amazing job of designing quality furniture with a bold look. Because of their unique modern design and expert timber craftsmanship, Jensen Leisure Furniture has deservingly received a lot of attention from designers all around the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

Jensen uses Ipé & Robles wood in their furniture design, to capture the warmth and feeling of the Southern California lifestyle. A distinctive look and attention to detail are elements of what set Jensen Leisure Furniture apart from other outdoor brands. Starting from the forest floor, every detail is inspected till it is patio-ready.

By using only FSC-Certified wood, Jensen works hard to maintain the long-term well-being of the forests where Ipé comes from. Ipé wood is incredibly strong and dense, with very high wear durability.

A handsome chocolate-brown when new, the strength and durability of Ipé has been long recognized in the deck boards of the historic Solferino Footbridge which crosses the Seine River in central Paris, in the famous boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ, and in the wood slats in all of the benches at Central Park in New York City.

Outdoor Furniture Sets & Options From Jensen Leisure

Clearly this wood has a tough and sturdy wood design that is made to last. Because quality is such an fundamental element to their furniture, Jensen backs all their products with a five year warranty.

Thoughtful design & solid craftsmenship, those are the words that Jensen Leisure represents.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of furniture arrangements & options From Jensen

Dining Tables & Chairs

In Southern California, outdoor dining has become an essential part of living the SoCal lifestyle. Taking advantage of the best weather in the world & enjoying great food in your backyard is what it is all about.

Depending on the style of seating, Jensen offers a wide variety of outdoor dining sets in each of their furniture collections. You have stretch dining sets for nice sit down meals with the family or tall bar stool seating to throw back a few drinks with some friends.

These dining sets feature lots of table space & formal seating arrangements so the whole family can enjoy both good food & good company.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Dining

Lounge Seating & Arrangements

If entertaining & relaxing in your backyard sounds like more your style, then Jensen Leisure lounge sets might be what you are looking for. Perfect for kicking back by the pool or sharing some stories with friends over cigars, these arrangements can make all the difference when it comes to the comfort of your backyard.

Kick back with friends after a swim on a two or three seater sofa. Or if brunch and afternoon tea sounds like a more enjoyable, single chairs & rockers might be what you are looking for.

These lounge sets feature large pillow seating and stout tables with a design focused mainly around comfort & decoration.

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Jensen Leisure Furniture Lounge

Benches & Swings

Jensen makes sharing the SoCal lifestyle with friends & family special, but what about enjoying the intimate comforts of the backyard.

Benches & swings from Jensen can make your garden into a quiet place to get some reading done or a turn a view of the evening sunset into a romantic hangout for two.

There are variety of benches available from Jensen in each of their collections.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Bench

Chaise Lounges & Rockers

Sprawling out & soaking up the California sun is a luxury those around Los Angeles & Orange County get to enjoy almost year round.

Chaise lounges from Jensen have a unique style & distinct look that makes hanging poolside a little more comfortable.

Jensen has a variety of chaise lounges that can match your pool or your favorite collection.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Chaise

Collections by Jensen Leisure

Now that you know the types of furniture sets that Jensen produces, we can take a look at the collections that Jensen has designed. Each collection has it’s own unique style & finish so whichever furniture sets or arrangments are picked, they can all have a consistent design & flow.

Most of the collections including Traditional, Opal, & Topaz use the dark Ipé wood. The Argento collection is the only one that uses the white Roble wood. Take a look at the different outdoor furniture collections by Jensen Leisure.


The Traditional collection by Jensen is the original & most popular design. Because it is their first collection, it also has the best selection of different sets & styles than the other collections.

From chaise lounges & bar sets to backyard swings & dining tables, the Traditional collection can cover all the bases of SoCal outdoor living.

This collection has the darkest design of the Ipé wood to highlight that bold, amber look of the Traditional style.

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Jensen Leisure Furniture Traditional Collection


Using the same Ipé wood as the Traditional collection, the Opal collection has a lighter tone & uses bright white accents which blend in with the rich finish of the wood.

The Opal collection has furniture sets for dining, benches, & chaise lounges. However, their leisure sets with large couches & coffee tables are the highlight of the collection.

This collection also has a few unique accessories that can make the most of an outdoor space, such as a decorative table that highlights the dining area or an ottoman to put your legs up.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Opal Collection


The Topaz collection by Jensen Leisure uses a darker finish of the Ipé wood than the Opal collection, but it is probably the most unique. By using a combination of white and teal highlights, this collection is designed to accent the natural setting of a pool or garden.

Although there are no benches in the Topaz collection, their dining seating has widest range of options including formal, swivel & hi dining seating.

If a pool is in the backyard, it is the leisure sets & chaise lounges that are the real keys to the Topaz collection. The white sling of the lounges & the teal pillow seats are flow so well against water, & most importantly they are the comfortable way to soak up the sun after an afternoon swim.

Jensen Leisure Topaz Collection


In the Argento collection by Jensen Leisure, you can tell right away that the white Roble wood design is the feature that sets it apart.

This collection features all the furniture options you would expect including dining seating, benches, and lounge sets plus other pieces including lazy susans, ottomans, and swivel rockers.

The unique look of the Roble wood is very flattering against white cobblestone, but it even has an elegant look against brick and wood.

Jensen Leisure Furniture Argento Collection

What We Learned

1) SoCal Lifestyle

Through thoughtful design and solid craftsmanship, Jensen Leisure furniture uses the distinct look of Ipé & Robles wood, capturing the real feeling of living the Southern California lifestyle.

2) Tons Of Variety

The collections by Jensen Leisure feature a wide variety of furniture sets, arrangements, & accessories including dining tables & chairs, lounge sofas & chat tables, benches, chaise lounges, swings, ottomans and lazy susans.

3) Designed For Comfort

Each collection has been designed around enjoying the comfort of the amazing elements that make up outdoor living & realizing the true potential of an outdoor space.


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