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Have you ever cooked on a Fornetto wood fired oven before? Then today is the day you learn about the fun new way of cooking outdoors!

Fornetto wood fire ovens offer a safe and easy way of creating authentic pizzas, amazing roast meats, baked breads, pasta and deserts or smoking an endless variety of food in your own backyard. These new Fornetto outdoor models now include cooking quality you would only expect from top indoor oven brands.

The Fornetto wood fire oven uses retained heat and natural convection to cook a wide variety of dishes. These wood fire ovens act as a versatile two in one oven and smoker.


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How Does The Fornetto Outdoor Oven Work?

  1. Wood chunks are placed in the heat chamber below the cooking chamber.
  2. Temperature is controlled by adjusting the 3 ventilation valves on the front of the heat chamber.
  3. The oven acts as a convection oven or natural wood smoker and includes ceramic fire bricks that line the bottom of the oven chamber. These ceramic bricks provide unrivaled heat retention. The Fornetto can reach temperatures up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. The Fornetto wood fire oven is unique because it can instantly become a smoker by opening the vents just above the heat chamber to filter 100% natural wood smoke into the cooking chamber.



Why Do People Love Cooking With Fornetto?

People love cooking with Fornetto’s wood fired ovens for 3 main reasons.

First, the temperature versatility of Fornetto wood fire ovens allow you to cook anything that will fit. It is capable of reaching the heat levels to cook bread, pizza, ribs, chicken, seafood and much more.

Second, the unmistakable taste of natural wood smoke flavor you get cooked into your dish when using a Fornetto is not like anything you can achieve using an indoor gas oven.

Last but not least, cooking on a Fornetto wood fire oven is fun! Invite friends or family over, break out the Fornetto, roll up some dough, chop some toppings up and enjoy a fun night baking personal sized pizzas!


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Features of the Fornetto Wood Fire Oven

  • Includes pin point accurate temperature gage to measure heat output.
  • Ventilation or air control valves allow for precise temperature adjustments inside the heat chamber.
  • The inside of the oven is lined with ceramic bricks for superior heat retention.
  • Many wood fire ovens like the Fornetto comes equipped with wheels allowing for easy mobility or storage.
  • The main door includes a large tempered glass viewing area, thus allowing food to be checked on while cooking.
  • Spacious oven chamber for cooking racks of ribs or even a 20+ pound turkey.


Fornetto Pizza Oven


Accessories For The Fornetto 

You never know how convenient it is until you have one. An attachable Fornetto Side Table gives you and extra space to set seasonings, cooking tools or even a glass of wine when your hands are full.

A Wood Storage Basket allows you a spare place to store wood or charcoal bellow to access it easily and adjust heat levels instantly.

Two must have Forentto Pizza Accessories include a Pizza Wire Stone Rack and a Pizza Stone. These two accessories go a long way keeping your pizza looking professionally made.

A Stainless Steel Fornetto Condiment Basket that is conveniently attached to the front of the oven is a great place to hold spray marinade bottles, ingredients or seasonings.


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Fornetto Wood Fired Oven


Questions to Ask?

What fuel source is best to use Fornetto?

Wood chunks burn for long periods of time and give you the rich, natural wood smoke flavor. Usually about the size of a fist, wood chunks give you greater temperature control than standard bigger logs. Recommended Fuel: Fornetto’s 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal.

Are Fornetto wood fire oven’s mobile?

Most wood fire ovens are not mobile. However, Fornetto Wood Fire Oven’s include a set of wheels enabling you to move it around or store away when your not using it.

What does cleaning and maintenance include?

Ash accumulates in the Fornetto’s heat chamber and is easily vacuumed or swiped out with a brush. Also because there is no electrical or small intricate parts there is very little maintenance that has to be done to the Fornetto. Fornetto ovens will practically take care of themselves and actually improve in flavor the more you use it.

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What Did You Learn?

  • Fornetto wood fire ovens give out natural wood smoke flavor that makes food taste better.
  • Temperature is controlled by adjusting air flow valves located on the front of the fire chamber and top vent on the smoke stack.
  • Wood fire ovens are versatile enough to smoke a roast, bake pizza or even bake bread.
  • Cooking on a wood fire oven is a fun event and makes for a evening to remember with friends and family. 


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