Keep The Heat, and Spirits, Up this Fall

Gathering around a fire is a tradition. That tradition is strong and alive.

Last spring and summer, our backyards were a sanctuary, and patios kept restaurants full of good cheer and great company. Now, as we approach the cooler seasons, many rightly wonder what comes next. The answer, aside from sweaters and coats, and hotter food and beverage choices, is nothing at all. Americans, and especially Californians, have been enjoying our great outdoor living spaces year ‘round for ages. Colder air hasn’t kept us inside before, and it certainly won’t now that we rely on our outdoor living spaces more than ever. We have so many options when it comes to raising the temperature outside.

From the flames of a Fire Table, to our selection of state-of-the-art heaters, equipped to use propane, electricity, and even infrared technology, we can customize the comfort we bring to the crisp air as exquisitely as we do our entire spaces. Space heaters from Outdoor Order have a great selection of finish options, adjusting the look to fit your personal design. If you want convenience, Twin Eagles and Sunpak heaters come with wireless remote controls to adjust the settings. Bromic features electric heaters that can be turned on by remote switch, and a great selection of gas heaters, that utilize btu burners to provide radiant heat up to 200 square feet from the source. And infrared technology, available in Infratech, DCS, and Twin Eagles heaters, transfers heat only to solid objects, not the surrounding air. Infrared heat travels directly to you and your guests, and won’t blow away with a stiff breeze.

Several Bromic electric heaters have settings for different temperatures and spaces.
Infrared heaters emit a precise beam of heat that warms you directly by throwing out a steady stream of heat particles.

A combination of these products can keep a dining patio comfortable well past fall, and adding them to your backyard will give your space the warmth it needs to draw family and friends for Halloween gatherings, and beyond. And keep an eye out for these different heaters at all of your local restaurants. They’re professional grade and state-of-the-art, and the dining industry will spare no expense keeping their patios (reasonably) packed in the coming months. You might even get some ideas on which of these are the right fit for you, by studying the patio of your favorite Sunday dinner spot.

Warmth keeps us together, and firelight always has the power to lift our spirits. This fall, when you make outdoor heating a priority, you will make your backyard a destination for friends and family. We need each other’s company and support, so let’s take a seat under the radiant warmth of our heaters, share stories around a fire table, and sip hot cider together. Our backyards are not going anywhere, and the coming winter won’t keep us out of them.