Trusted Fabric

Bringing California to all 50 States

This umbrella will stand in sun, rain, snow, and sleet. We expect it to last a lifetime.

When you invest in outdoor furniture, you invest in years of wonderful experiences. You want to be sure that it won’t be ruined by a rainy season, or the many other elements that threaten the material that built it. That’s why we’d like to set your mind at ease about Sunbrella Fabric. Regardless of which state you live in, if your furniture uses Sunbrella, it has been built and tested to last.

Sunbrella Fabric has the results to prove it can withstand four seasons. We’re not talking about just California’s four seasons. Before it wraps sofa cushions or provides your shade, it undergoes thirty-three fabric tests that bring it face to face with every environment for every market served.

Eighteen of these tests are conducted in the company’s own testing labs, which are certified to perform these tests by the ISO/IEC 17025 testing requirements, essentially meaning that all eighteen in house tests are state-of-the-art, and serious. This alone would be enough to justify the five-year warranty on Sunbrella products, but the company went beyond this, to ensure that in any climate, their products will withstand.

They’ve partnered with the biggest outdoor testing laboratories in the world. These labs have the capabilities to test the effects of sun, moisture, and any other natural detriment to the fabric. These tests are known as accelerated weather testing. The object of them is to demonstrate long-term effects of the outdoors, testing not only the toughest elements, but what might happen over the course of years. Based on this testing, Sunbrella Fabric decides what products are ready for consumption. It’s always the material that will maintain its consistency and texture, as well as the patterns and colors it was designed with.

Of course, there is no substitute for taking proper care of your outdoor furniture. And even in Outdoor Elegance’s state of California, we cover it up during rain and non-use. It just helps the diligent crafting and testing from Sunbrella to ensure the longest lifespan of your beautiful backyard experience. You might also look into services like our Clean and Care program, however this may exist in your area. But, above all, remember that Sunbrella fabrics is like all materials that go into high end outdoor furniture. It is designed to last a lifetime, and to earn your trust, wherever in this country you reside.