Warmth of the Season: Ideas To Stay Warm Outside This Winter

Looking to spend some quality time outside this winter? 

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from enjoying your backyard.  Extend your outdoor entertaining season with fire and heat.  There are a variety of options that can fit any outdoor space or style.

Here are some ideas to keep the family warm outside this holiday season.


Fire Pits & Fire Tables

A great place to gather around this time of year, fire pits and fire tables can be the perfect outdoor centerpiece.  Pleasant, intimate and practical.. fire pits are a great starting piece to stay warm outside this winter.

Brand Selections Include:  O.W. Lee, Regency

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Perhaps the most inspiring of choices to heat up your backyard is a fireplace.  These beautiful fireplaces can be custom built and is sure to be the focal point of the backyard.

Brand Selections Include:  Regency, Design Specialties, American Fyre Designs

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An intriguing twist on the outdoor fireplace is the firefall.  These unique outdoor centerpieces feature both a fire feature as well as a waterfall.

Brand Selections Include:  American Fyre Designs

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Fire Bowls

One of the most appealing ways to stay warm is with a fire bowl.  The shape of the fire bowl inherently serves as a place to gather around especially when the weather takes a turn.

Brand Selections Include:  American Fyre Designs

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Fire Lanterns & Urns

Fire lanterns and urns are terrific ways to accessorize your backyard with a fire feature.  These fire pieces can highlight areas of the backyard and create an inviting atmosphere.

Brand Selections Include:  American Fyre Designs, O.W. Lee

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Patio Heaters

One of the most versatile solutions to staying warm outside this winter are patio heaters.  The portability and practicality of patio heaters is hard to match and can make a great deal of difference on cold nights.

Brand Selections Include:  Bromic, Patio Comfort, Twin Eagles, Lava Heat

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Fire Logs & Glass

Fire Logs and glass are designed to complement fire pits, fire tables, fireplaces, firefalls, and fire bowls.  These logs and glass are specially crafted for continual use and to have a very long lifespan.

Brand Selections Include:  RealFyre, R.H. Peterson

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