12 Patio Design Ideas


12 Patio Design Ideas

Featuring 12 outdoor patio design ideas you can apply to your own outdoor living areas. You will learn about top quality outdoor living products such as, high end outdoor furniture, outdoor kitchen designs, outdoor shade, garden statuary, fountains, fire chat pits & fireplaces designs.

12 Patio Design Ideas



High End Outdoor Furniture

When we say “high end” outdoor furniture it does not automatically mean it will have a absurd price tag. High end outdoor furniture simply means that it is not going to fall apart or break in 2 to 3 years. Today high end outdoor furniture can be expected to last just as long as indoor casual living furniture, due to the quality materials used and technological advances in the outdoor furniture industry.

High end outdoor furniture

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High End Outdoor Furniture For A Small Area

Not much outdoor space to work with? There are countless types & styles of luxury outdoor furniture collections made for small outdoor areas. Just because you don’t have a huge outdoor living area doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors!

Outdoor Patio Furniture


High End Outdoor Furniture For Dining 

Take your next dinner party outside! Outdoor dining furniture gives you a comfortable and convenient outdoor enviroment to enjoy when entertaining friends & family.

Outdoor Patio Furniture


High End Outdoor Furniture For Lounging

Never fight for a lounge chair in the sun again! Relax in your favorite outdoor area like your at your own private 5 star resort.

Outdoor Patio Furniture


High End Outdoor Furniture For Entertaining

Are you someone who loves to open up your home and host the annual neighborhood party or family reunion? With the constant use the furniture is sure to get, make sure it is “high end” quality outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Patio Furniture


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Outdoor Shade

Creating a shaded area in an outdoor living area is essential to the comfort of anyone using it for extended periods of time. Modern day shade products are built with light weight strong metals & colorful fabrics made to stand up against even the harshest weather. Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying the great outdoors!

Outdoor Shade & Umbrellas

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Outdoor umbrellas come in a range of sizes, colors & styles to match your outdoor furniture theme or fabric pattern. High end outdoor umbrellas are made of durable metals that hold steady through powerful wind bursts, but are light weight enough to be moved to around your patio.

Outdoor Shade & Umbrellas


Awnings & Cabanas

Plan ahead to beat the heat! Make your outdoor patio more enjoyable with a quality patio shade awning or cabana! Just like a 5 star resort, cabanas create a private & comfortably shaded outdoor room while an awning will enable you to shade large outdoor areas.

Outdoor Awning & Outdoor Cabana



Outdoor Fire Pit & Fireplace

It’s no coincidence people always seem to naturally gather around the fire pit at backyard parties or events. In fact, humans have been sitting and socializing next to the fire for thousands of years. Thanks to a few advances in technology, today gas fire pits give you a blazing hot fire without making your clothes stink like a campfire

Outdoor Fire Pit & Fireplace

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Fire Chat Pit

Enjoy your outdoor patio during the all year long, even on the coldest months of the year with a fire chat pit. It even looks great even when you are not using it!

Outdoor Fire Pit & Fireplace Designs


Outdoor Fireplace

The very presence of a fireplace elevates the mood of an outdoor room. It becomes the focal point of your outdoor area and influences every decorating decision around it. A premium quality fireplace is like a frame around a masterwork of art.

Outdoor Fireplace Designs



Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Outdoor kitchen designs are becoming more and more popular in new housing plans simply because people love them. Why? Cooking outside is just better! Having an outdoor kitchen gives you an extension from your home’s living area or kitchen to cook and entertain guests.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

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BBQ Grills

The center piece of your outdoor kitchen design, BBQ Grills are made with a variety of different performance levels and unique features. Before you choose the center piece of your ideal outdoor kitchen, make sure it fits your outdoor cooking style.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs


Grill Accessories & Counter Space

Customize your outdoor kitchen to fit how you like to cook outdoors. With grill accessories like, an outdoor refrigerator, stove counter top, cocktail making station, storage space to put cooking tools & many other outdoor kitchen accessories to make outdoor cooking more convenient. But don’t get carried away with accessories and forget to leave yourself a little bit of counter space to set trays or dishes of food down.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs


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Garden Fountains & Statuary

Bring your garden to life with the soothing sound of water from an elegant fountain that provides a comforting backdrop for your patio or yard. Add statuary or metal art to decorate your garden with your own personal style or theme.

Garden Fountains & Statuary

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Bring the peaceful sound of water running by your favorite outdoor area. Garden fountains are created in hundreds of sizes and shapes to fit even the smallest outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Garden Fountains & Statuary



Add a classic & elegant style to any corner of your garden or home. Garden statuary includes religious statues, planters, birdbaths, tables and decorative concrete benches designed from the industry’s leading manufacturers like Brandelli Arts, Fiore Stone, and many more.

Garden Statuary & Garden Pots



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