4 Outdoor Heaters To Warm Up Your Backyard

Tis the season for long nights outside with loved ones gathered around the fire.

Temperatures are dropping and gone are the days of sitting outside on long summer warm nights. Fire pits, heaters and fireplaces are great ways to extend the use of your patio by warming up your backyard this holiday season.

Whether you are entertaining or relaxing with friends and family, these additions not only provide a warm place to gather around, but serve as the focal point in your backyard design scheme.

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Choose a Type of Heater

There are four main products to consider that will warm up your backyard. Having just one or all of these products depends on the amount of space you are trying to heat.

  • Free Standing Heaters
  • Hanging Heaters
  • Fireplace
  • Fire Pit


A fire pit or fireplace is always where you should start. The size of a fireplace or fire pit makes it something to build around. These two products naturally become the center piece of your backyarda place to gather aroundkeep warm and catch up with family or friends.

Heaters that can be moved easier like standing or hanging heaters, are more versatile in a sense that you can move them if the location does not end up working. These types of heaters both have key qualities to fit your any type of outdoor space. Keep reading to find out which fits you!

Plan a Location

Do you want your outdoor heater to be the centerpiece of your backyard?

Will you use this spot to entertain year round?

Is it just a warm spot to spend time outdoors?

Choosing a location is all about fitting your lifestyle. For example, do you enjoy entertaining? If so, then you may want your outdoor heater to be the center piece of your backyard to gather guests around.

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Four Outdoor Heating Products

Free Standing Heaters

Free standing heaters are versatile and convenient because they are mobile.

No matter the size or shape, free standing heaters can all be moved. Some easier than others, but usually will include a portable wheel kit.

Another great quality most standing heaters have is an all weather top. So no matter where you live, the elements do not effect the heat output.

This enables you to use your patio space in any weather or any time of the year.

Here are a few all weather and portable free standing heaters from Patio Comfort Heaters.


Lava Heat Italia

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Hanging Heaters 

Hanging Heaters are very popular in today’s best designed restaurants and homes for a couple reasons. They give off great consistent heat and do not take up any space on your patio. Hanging heaters are great for people who do not want to clutter their space.

These heaters are fueled by gas or electricity, and are safe for indoor or outdoor spaces. There are many different sizes, styles and brands to choose from when it comes to hanging heaters.

Bromic and Twin Eagles heaters are a great place to start when trying to get an idea of what heater is right for your outdoor or indoor space.


Bromic Heaters

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Fire Pits

No longer are home owners satisfied with a deck and barbecue. Today fire pits are preferred in majority of homes in Southern California.

Having family, friends or guests gather and make hours of memories in your backyard is what is so attractive about having a fire pit. Many of today’s fire pits run off natural gas or propane. Both are very affordable and provide high temperature outputs.

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Recommended Product

O.W. Lee Casual Fireside

O.W. Lee is the leader in designing and manufacturing luxury outdoor fire pits. O.W. Lee’s continued dedication to design and innovation in the fire pit industry is recognized nation wide. O.W. Lee Casual Fireside Collection has many styles and designs to fit your backyard. 

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Fireplaces require a bit more of a commitment than a fire pit because fireplaces are not mobile. Once you build a fireplace there is no moving it somewhere else, it must become a focal point of your outdoor space. Fireplaces built by a experienced hardscaper are works of art and can add that Wow factor to your backyard.


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Fireplaces are a great way to make a statement when entertaining. The addition of a little fire in your backyard or patio creates a modern and adventurous feel to any outdoor space.

Take a look at some of my favorite fireplaces

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What did you learn? 

When considering these four products to heat up your outdoor space, you should group them into two categories.

Fireplace/Fire Pits and Hanging Heaters/Free Standing Heaters.

All have their advantages but depending on your outdoor space’s desired style and size some outdoor heating products may be less effective than others.

Download your free copy of 101 Examples of Outdoor Elegance below for more ideas on spacing your backyard!